6th technical meeting of Experts
of National Statistical Offices of the BRICS

Date: 3-5 March 2015
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation


   The meeting summed up the joint efforts of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa on release of statistical publications BRICS 2014. In addition, the set of methodologically comparable information on social indicators was presented in order to harmonize them in accordance with the international standards. Heads of the statistical offices of all participating countries supported the proposal of the Russian delegation to processed social indicators on the basis of internationally recognized systems and procedures adopted by the United Nations. The main issues of the meeting were discussion and revision of content and format of the publication and presentation, as well as completion of the work plan of receiving final data from member countries for processing and completion of the publication in 2015.

Rosstat prepared proposals for the further expansion of the social indicators, harmonized with international standards. The content and format of the sixth joint statistical publications were also discussed and approved during the meeting. Besides, the perspectives of parameters of deployment and operation of the united system for the dissemination of the BRICS countries’ statistical data were under dispute.